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Chelsio Unified Wire for OpenPOWER based Systems

We're very excited to share major milestones recently achieved by our T5 Unified Wire solution for OpenPOWER based systems.

Chelsio T5 adapters achieved OpenPOWER Ready Compliance. The OpenPOWER Ready-compliant 10/40 GbE Unified Wire adapters can be utilized in servers and high performance computing clusters as part of an open architecture model featuring technology from members of the OpenPOWER Foundation. With full TCP/IP, iWARP RDMA & iSCSI Offload over a single unified wire, T5 provides increased performance, efficiency and scalability while concurrently minimizing server and storage overheads. It is now possible to address all networking, clustering and storage needs using a single architecture, one firmware image, one software suite, and a single qualification effort, resulting in tremendous cost savings and ease of use.

Chelsio's Terminator Core IP is a configurable, high-performance Ethernet packet processing engine with a full suite of software, suitable as a network connectivity solution for OpenPOWER or other embedded CPU based SoC systems. At the heart of the Terminator line of silicon proven Network Interface Card (NIC) controllers, Chelsio's Core architecture is designed for low latency, high capacity cut-through processing, minimum cycles per byte (CPB) and maximum memory efficiency. It is integrated with a single system bus interface such as PCI or ACE on the host side, and one or more Ethernet ports on network side.

Chelsio announced its next generation Terminator silicon, T6.

  • Supports 1/10/25/40/50/100 GbE

  • Integrated encryption support, either in co-processor or inline mode

  • Runs T5 software AS-IS, preserving the existing software investment

  • PCI Gen3 x 16

  • OpenPOWER support

T6 can encrypt/decrypt data with or without the integrated TOE, enabling a variety of applications such as de-dupe finger print generation, concurrent data-at-rest encryption and network encryption using a single chip. When combined with the integrated traffic manager, T6 is ideally suited for secure media streaming applications. Why have a regular cloud or datacenter if you can have a secure one at no power or price premium? T6 enables differentiation of the end solution.

New Products

  • Chelsio released the complete suite of Unified Wire drivers (iSCSI Initiator & Target, iWARP RDMA, L2 NIC and TOE) for OpenPOWER (P7 and P8, Little or Big Endian) in source form and without a licensing fee.

  • Chelsio will release updated drivers supporting latest Ubuntu Distribution for OpenPOWER based systems.

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Recent Publications

Chelsio added a number of News reports and white papers to its technical library, including:

  • Chelsio published a paper on OpenPOWER showcasing how Chelsio's T5 Unified Wire Suite offers seamless integration with the OpenPOWER architecture. Users can create and maintain a true Converged Fabric cluster where all storage and networking traffic runs over a single 10/40GbE network.
  • Chelsio published a paper which provides details of the T6 architecture and the new features.
  • Chelsio published a paper outlining the T6's crypto capabilities. Chelsio's full offload TLS/SSL is uniquely capable of 100Gb line rate performance and supports all the most popular AES/SHA cipher suites and has efficient support for SMB 3.X encryption. Most importantly, T6 can deliver 100Gb of encryption capability in an amazingly low power envelope, even without considering the built-in NIC functionality.
  • Chelsio presented Concurrent Support of NVMe over RDMA Fabrics and established Networked Block and File Storage at Flash Memory Summit 2016. Chelsio 10/25/40/50/100GbE Adapters provide concurrent support for NVMe-oF, SMB 3.X, NFSoRDMA, iSCSI and FCoE and deliver high Bandwidth and IOPS using NVMe backing store.

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In the Wild

Chelsio Joins OpenPOWER Foundation - Chelsio has joined the OpenPOWER Foundation, expanding the open technical community for collaboration on the POWER architecture.

OpenPOWER Ready Chelsio Unified Wire Adapters:

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