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Chelsio Update, November 2017
Chelsio’s unique Unified Wire solution with integrated and concurrent encryption, easy to deploy and routable iWARP RDMA, concurrent storage protocol offload capabilities (iSCSI, iSER, NVMe-oF, NFS-TOE), integrated switch for enabling the daisy chaining of adapters and for offloading of the hypervisor switch, integrated support for hardware based QoS and classification, extremely low latency, and low power, enables deployments in a variety of solutions. With the current transition to 100Gb and SSD that is underway in the industry, Chelsio offers the only 2x100G solution with above features.

Chelsio recently announced availability of industry leading 1/10/25/40/50/100G Unified Wire adapters for the Qualcomm Centriq™ 2400 processor-based platforms. Chelsio Unified Wire’s leading-edge performance and efficiency for networking, storage, and security applications combined with the Qualcomm Centriq™ 2400, offer a complete best-of-breed Arm-based infrastructure for cloud datacenters.

Chelsio demonstrated its T6 Unified Wire adapters on IBM Storwize® V7000 with IBM Spectrum Virtualize at this year’s Storage Developer Conference. T6 was shown to enhance application performance, improve scalability and reduce latency.

Microsoft and Chelsio demonstrated the industry’s first Storage Replica (SR) operation over 25G iWARP RDMA across a long-haul connection at the 2017 Microsoft Ignite conference. Long distance replication was shown to provide near local access performance levels, with negligible impact on I/O rates and near zero additional latency. In addition, the iWARP RDMA transport provided remarkably stable and consistent operation.

Chelsio announced the ultra high performance iSCSI Ethernet storage offload capabilities of its line of T6 100GbE Unified Wire adapters at this year’s Storage Developer Conference. T6 adapters with iSCSI offload alleviate network bottleneck with both high throughput and IOPS enabling high-performance low-latency access to flash storage. iSCSI remains the only mature Ethernet SAN protocol at 100Gb, ideally suited for flash applications.

Chelsio T6 Unified Wire adapters were certified by VMware and listed in the VMware Compatibility Guide. The native network driver additionally supports SR-IOV and VXLAN Offload functionalities.

Demartek announced dramatically higher IOPs and lower latency for Chelsio T6 100Gb iSCSI target offload compared to the non-offload case, across a range of benchmarks including real-word MySQL application, enabling usage with SSDs in high-performance applications. For SSD level of performance, other storage protocols offer little that a hardware offloaded iSCSI can’t.

Chelsio announced the 10/25/40/50/100GbE Switchless Ring Backbone which enables connecting a set of servers, without requiring any discrete external network switch and its requisite cost and complexity. This significantly improves the application and storage performance.

Chelsio introduced OVS Kernel datapath offload capabilities of its Unified Wire adapters. It offers superior packet processing rate, minimal CPU utilization and scales with large number of OVS flows to leverage the SDN infrastructure in modern datacenters.

New Products
  • Chelsio released a complete driver compatible for Microsoft Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 Client supporting L2 NIC, SR-IOV, SMB Direct, Storage Spaces Direct, VxLAN, NVGRE, Packet Direct, Network Direct, VMMQ (vRSS), DCB, Storage Replica and iSCSI Initiator Offload.
  • Chelsio released drivers for configuring switchless Ring Backbone in Windows. This enables a high performance implementation to deploy Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) without requiring a switch.
  • Chelsio released Unified Wire 3.5 drivers for Linux (x86, Power, and Arm support) comprising of L2 NIC, TOE, vNIC, iWARP, WireDirect, iSCSI (Target and Initiator), FCoE (Target and Initiator), iSER, NVMe-oF, Filtering, Traffic Management, DCB, OVS Offload, DPDK and Crypto Offload. This enables running a secure unified wire using single adapter and single firmware at 100Gbps speed.
  • Chelsio released updated firmware to enable complete offload value proposition for its T6 memory-free version (SO series) of adapters, thus enabling more cost effective CNA solutions for servers to enable: NVMe-oF, iSER, SMBDirect, and soon iSCSI clients. This currently enables 256 concurrent offloaded connections.
Latest Videos Recent Publications
Chelsio added a number of News reports and white papers to its technical library, including:
  • In a recent whitepaper, Demartek concluded that Chelsio’s Unified Wire adapters are the best choice when it comes to iSCSI applications requiring processor efficiency and improved performance.

  • Chelsio and Qualcomm published a solution brief highlighting Chelsio’s support for the newly introduced Qualcomm Centriq 2400 with the full suite of Unified Wire components.

  • Chelsio published a quick start guide explaining how to configure a 4-node Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) cluster using switchless Ring Backbone. This, when combined with iWARP RDMA, makes for plug and play, cost effective, high performance, and brownfield S2D deployments, without requiring a dedicated switch.

  • Chelsio published a benchmark on T6 Inline-TLS/SSL Crypto acceleration solution on Qualcomm Arm platforms. T6 delivered a throughput of 87Gbps with only a quarter of the processing power utilized, even with more than 10,000 concurrent connections.

  • Chelsio published a technical brief showcasing the only 100Gb iSCSI adapter on the Qualcomm Centriq 2400 processor. Chelsio’s iSCSI solution delivers 96Gbps of bandwidth providing an ideal SAN solution with exceptional I/O performance and efficiency.

  • Chelsio published a white paper demonstrating Chelsio’s 100Gb T6 NVMe over fabric solution on Qualcomm QDF2400 REP servers. With 97Gbps of bandwidth and 2.5M IOPS, only Chelsio enables the capability to communicate with the native iWARP RDMA on x86 servers, thus enabling hybrid Qualcomm/x86 NVMe-oF deployments.

  • Chelsio published a paper comparing Storage Replica (SR) performance of a T6 RDMA-enabled adapter and Intel’s non-offloaded server adapter. T6 iWARP RDMA demonstrated superior results of 36% higher bandwidth, 300 µs lower latency, and minimal CPU usage.

  • Chelsio published a white paper on 100G iSCSI Offload performance. T6 iSCSI Solution delivers 100Gb line-rate throughput, 2.8M IOPS (at 4K I/O size) and latency delta of only 15 µs between remote and local storage access, while iSCSI digest is enabled. Given the typical SSD latency of 70 µs, hardware offloaded iSCSI can provide a very high performance interconnect with all the benefits and ubiquity of iSCSI.

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December Specials
  • Chelsio will provide a 50% discount for all new PoCs.
  • Chelsio will provide a 10% rebate to end-customer for any new case studies.
  • Chelsio will provide a 10% discount if accessories are purchased along with the adapters.

Latest Software and Drivers
  • Unified Wire v6.0.0.2 for Windows
  • Unified Wire v3.5.0.5 for Linux
  • Network Driver v1.16.45b1 for macOS
  • Network Driver v1.1.0.64 for ESXi 6.5
  • Unified Boot v2.0.0.8 for DOS

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