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Chelsio Newsletter, November 2015
Historically, the successive speed increases of Ethernet have been spaced apart about 7-10 years. With the advance of serial transmission technologies, this space has been reduced to about 3 years – enough only for a single product cycle. Ethernet has essentially been getting faster, faster. This has resulted in new metrics when it comes to an Ethernet adapter: Is the software API fixed or do we have to write a whole new set of drivers when the next speed arrives? Is there any offload capability in the NIC now that the CPU is starting fall behind? Is the underlying offload architecture known to be scalable or will we forever be waiting for “new firmware”? Do we still need 4-port, or are we better off minimizing wiring and going to the next speed directly? and so on. As a result of these questions, and with a proven, robust, and scalable architecture –one that has had and will have a fixed software API and hardware architecture-, Chelsio’s T5 iSCSI and RDMA technologies have been winning new designs, now more than ever. With Chelsio’s roadmap to 25/50/100Gb in 2016, T5 is the lowest risk path to revenues today, and to revenues in 2017 when the 25Gb ecosystem is finally viable and in place.

Chelsio will be exhibiting T5 in booth #3306 at Super Computing Conference 2015 in Austin, Texas this year from Nov 16-19 (floorplan). Please stop by our booth and take advantage of our specials.

Booth Demonstrations
  • 5M iSCSI IOPS – T5 is the ideal companion for Flash
  • 40G GPUDirect over iWARP RDMA with NVIDIA
  • NVMe-Fabrics solution with Wistron
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  • NVMe-Fabrics solution from Chelsio and Wistron

  • High Performance GPU at SC ‘15

In the Wild

Some memory-free solutions are simply not suited for Target side iSCSI or any offload applications (unstable, non-scalable, non-differentiated) regardless of the Ethernet speeds and feeds, or the vendor selling the technology. Shortest path to 25/100 is a T5àT6 transition, leveraging all the software, starting from a known good solution and moving forward (revenues today, revenues tomorrow, no risk).

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Promotional Offers for Q4

FlashMemory Summit

Come visit us in booth #3306 at the Super Computing Conference. November 16-19 in Austin.

iWARP or iSCSI Cluster
24 2x10Gb adapters and a 24-port switch and an Apple Watch Sport PO for: $11,995

Bring two Mellanox Connect-X4 or QLogic 16Gb Fibre Channel NICs. Get two 2x10 adapters and an Apple Watch Sport

Raffle Drawing
Enter our raffle drawing at SC ’15 for an Apple Watch Sport

Latest Software and Drivers
  • T5/T4 Unified Wire v2.11.1.0 for Linux
  • T5 DPDK Driver v1.0.0.1 for Linux
  • T5 iSER Driver v1.0.0.1 for Linux
  • T5 GPUDirect RDMA Driver v1.0.0.0 for Linux
  • T5/T4 Unified Wire v5.0.0.38 for Windows
  • T5/T4 Unified Wire v5.0.0.43 for Windows Server Technical Preview 3
  • T5/T4 Unified Boot v1.0.0.85 for DOS
  • T5/T4 Network Driver v1.4.1 for ESXi 6.0
  • T5 Unified Wire v2.1.1.0 for XenServer 6.5.0

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