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Chelsio Update, January 2017
Happy New Year!
We are very excited to share our major milestones achieved by our T5 based 10/40Gb and T6 based 10/25/40/50/100Gb Unified Wire Ethernet Adapters.
Terminator 6 (T6), the next generation, highly integrated, hyper-virtualized controller, is now in volume production. T6 is yet another first silicon-success-story. Similar to its predecessor, Terminator 5 (T5), T6 has gone into production within 100 days of power-on. Once again, T6 confirms the consistent and scalable nature of Chelsio’s architecture, allowing customers to leverage 100% of their software investment with T5, in a power and performance efficient solution, at the new 100Gb Ethernet speed bump. In addition, T6 substantially raises the bar for datacenter networking by combining low latency, low power, high performance, and integrated encryption, allowing differentiation for a secure datacenter. By selecting T6, customers can ensure that when 200Gb and 400Gb Ethernet speed bumps arrive, Chelsio’s solution will be ready to leverage all their software investment and ship the new speed cards in the existing platforms’ power/airflow envelope. T6 bundles an encryption offload engine for the same price/power, enabling encryption offload in-line or in co-processor mode by default. Data-at-rest encryption, dedupe-offload or in-line encryption can now be the default mode of operation. Support for the coprocessor mode of T6 (IPsec & SSL) is already part of the Linux kernel.

In connection with this release, Chelsio has gone to production with 6 variants of T6 adapters, as well as a complete set of production-ready software bits for T5 & T6 based adapters for Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, and ESXi 6.X operating systems.
Chelsio also demonstrated and published 25/100GbE NIC/TOE, iSCSI, SMBDirect, iWARP RDMA, Crypto, Storage Spaces Direct (S2D), and NVMe-oF performance benchmark numbers.

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Chelsio added a number of News reports and white papers to its technical library, including:
  • Chelsio published a Tech Brief detailing the superior performance with its 100Gb Crypto Offload Solution, supporting traditional co-processor mode with digest and Inline TLS/SSL mode applications. The results highlighted Crypto Offload technology’s superiority over regular NIC operation.

  • Chelsio published a Tech Brief explaining the T6 based NVMe over iWARP RDMA Fabrics solution at 100GbE. With minimal load on the host processing power (<10%) and line rate throughput across the board, Chelsio’s 100GbE NVMe over iWARP RDMA solution delivers high bandwidth, high IOPs and low latency along with high ROI.

  • Chelsio published a Tech Brief providing an overview of Chelsio iWARP RDMA and WireDirect (WD-TOE/TCP/UDP) Solution. The brief showcases the Chelsio T6 based 100G iWARP RDMA and WireDirect solution delivering the low TCP/UDP latency and high acceleration required by demanding HFT market.

  • A paper published by Demartek, and commissioned by Chelsio to evaluate its T580-CR 40GbE iSCSI Offload adapter with synthetic and real-world workloads, comparing the performance and host CPU utilization with and without the iSCSI offload functions.

  • Chelsio published Industry’s First 100GbE Offload solution in FreeBSD environment demonstrating Zero copy TCP performance at 100Gbps with less than 1 % CPU usage.

  • Chelsio jointly published a white paper on “Meeting Today’s Data Center Challenges” with HPCWire. This 7-page custom whitepaper covers: TCO advantages of the iWARP standard, How RDMA can speed up your data pipeline without CPU involvement, and distinct benefits.

  • Chelsio published a technical brief on industry’s first 100G iSCSI offload solution that provides highly scalable and cost effective storage solution using regular Ethernet switches.

  • Chelsio published a paper on Windows SMB performance at 100Gbps with 95Gbps line-rate throughput and 530K IOPS performance using standard Ethernet infrastructure. With plug-and-play operation, enhanced reliability, higher efficiency and line rate performance, SMB over Chelsio’s T6 series of RDMA enabled adapters is an extremely compelling solution for Windows Server 2016 storage networking.

  • Microsoft and Chelsio collaborated to present a reliable, scalable and robust disaster recovery solution using Microsoft’s Storage Replica running over Chelsio’s 40GbE iWARP RDMA solution at Microsoft Ignite Conference.

  • Chelsio partnered with ClearPointe and Raid Inc. to publish a white paper highlighting T5 iWARP RDMA 40G solution for Windows S2D.

  • Chelsio published a technical brief on T5’s inbuilt support for Precision Time Protocol (PTP) standard for precise synchronization and clock accuracy in nanosecond range.

  • Chelsio published a paper disproving the myths associated with quad to small form factor pluggable adapter modules.

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Latest Software and Drivers
  • Unified Wire v3.1.0.1 for Linux.
  • DPDK driver v2.0.0.0 for Linux.
  • Unified Wire v5.0.0.77 for Windows.
  • Native Network Driver v1.1.0.28 for ESXi 6.X.
  • Unified Wire v3.0.0.3 for FreeBSD.
  • Unified Boot Option ROM v1.0.0.91 for DOS.
  • Network Driver v1.15.37 for Mac OS X.
  • Network Driver v4.0.0.4 for OpenIndiana Hipster.
  • Latest T5/T6 Unified Wire Drivers/FW available here.

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