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5M iSCSI IOPs: A SAN Performance Record
Chelsio iSCSI is the only iSCSI implementation in the industry that has not changed and been in production for a decade and which has scaled to 100Gb, and thus is ideally suited for Flash applications. It can use software peers, including the very popular Microsoft iSCSI Initiator, and has a built-in second source for enterprise customers in the form of a software target stack. iSCSI inherits its loss resilience and congestion management capabilities from its underlying TCP/IP foundation, and thus can work with any legacy Ethernet switch or be routed for remote or local applications and hence allow incremental installs of storage gear – Truly Plug & Play. It allows Ethernet storage OEMs/VARs/SIs to immediately drive towards revenues while preserving the option of transition to any of the other emerging SAN standards via a software upgrade to existing hardware.

We’re very excited to share major milestones recently achieved by our T5 Unified Wire solution which besides existing iSCSI, can concurrently support emerging storage standards such as NVME over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) or iSER Ethernet SAN protocols.
Chelsio demonstrated 5M IOPs for iSCSI performance. This establishes iSCSI as the protocol of choice for high performance SAN applications – leveraging the existing ecosystem and software peers.

Chelsio further introduced inbox’ed support for NVMe Fabrics and is part of the first official release of the NVMe Express distribution. Chelsio and Samsung collaborated to demonstrate 1M IOPs and ~12μsec latency for remote access at the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara.

Chelsio released support for inbox’ed iSER protocol on Linux, providing yet another option for an Ethernet SAN protocol.

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Chelsio added a number of News reports and white papers to its technical library, including:
  • Chelsio published a report on 40GbE iSCSI. The results show 5M IOPs and line rate bandwidth.

  • Chelsio published a report on NVMe over 40 GbE iWARP. The results show 1.2M IOPs, line rate throughput, and ~12 microseconds incremental latency for accessing remote devices.

  • Chelsio published a quick start guide to configure the Chelsio iSCSI solution with ease.

  • Chelsio published a quick start guide to configure the Chelsio NVMe Fabrics solution with ease in under 20 minutes with any legacy switch with no special settings or uniform switch requirements in the extended datacenter.

  • Chelsio presented concurrent support of NVMe over RDMA Fabrics and established Networked Block and File Storage at Flash Memory Summit 2016. Chelsio 10/25/40/50/100GbE adapters provide concurrent support for NVMe-oF, SMB 3.X, NFSoRDMA, iSCSI and FCoE and deliver high bandwidth and IOPs using NVMe backing store.

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In the Wild

NVMeF, how this lightning fast network connection works – NVMeF, using iWARP can be used to provide RDMA access to/from external storage media, typically flash, at local, direct-attach speeds.

RDMA over Fabrics: a big step for SSD access – iWARP RDMA increases performance and provides a faster response time for access to shared storage.

The Birth of Faster Storage – NVMeF arrays, with Chelsio iWARP Adapters provide huge amount of fast and efficient NVMe storage.

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Try two 2x10 or 2x40 T5 Unified Wire iSCSI/NVMe-oF cards for free for 30 days. Keep the t-shirt and the thumb drive with quick start guides for your troubles.

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Buy up to 24 cards of any model for $299 each. Thumb drive with quick start guides and t-shirt are included.

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$100 rebate for every T5 iWARP Unified Wire card sold.

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1 coupon per T5 card sold at normal pricing, good for 50% off of list for an equivalent T6 card to be delivered in 4Q16 for new platforms.

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Chelsio participated or will participate at

Flash Memory Summit,
Santa Clara, Aug 9-11.

Storage Developer Conference,
Santa Clara, Sept. 19-22

Latest Software and Drivers

Chelsio released updated drivers for NVMe-oF and LIO iSCSI Target.

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